Better Globe Autumn Online Customer Event 2020 October 15th

We want to welcome you to our Zoom event the 15th as a customer and tree-owner. If you are a customer, you can signup here. Or you can become a customer today and signup after your purchase.

During the webinar, you will meet Better Globe Forestry’s CEO, Jean-Paul Deprins. He will be interviewed in English by Better Globe Ambassador Helena Roth.

You also get to hear from Isabelle and Jakob Saternus (in Swedish), who visited Better Globe Forestry in the summer of 2019. They will tell you about their impressions from the trip they made, and the positive impacts customers of Better Globe AS are helping to create.

You will also hear about the many new developments related to the existing tree planting program and the development program for Moringa cultivation with partner farmers in Uganda.

The Moringa leaves can be harvested already the first year and up to four to five times a year as they grow bigger. Production of organic Moringa supplements will give both the farmers and Better Globe a continuous cash flow over the years. This new strategy is very good for our company’s growth, for the local communities, and to all of our customers.

Customers can click this link to signup for the online event on October 15th, 2020, 20:00 Stockholm time (GMT +2).

Our Products

Individual trees

  • Estimated return €208.25
  • Counter desertification
  • CO2 offset 500 kilos
  • Create jobs

Donation Package

  • Estimated return €416.50
  • Donate trees and water
  • Boost the local economy
  • CO2 offset 2000 kilos
  • Support education
  • Empower women
Audun Turoey
Joao Pessoa, Brazil

I became a customer of Better Globe in 2006. The idea of getting a financial return from trees that reduce extreme poverty in Africa while creating a greener future for us all was very appealing to me. And after travelling in 2011 to see their work with underprivileged farming communities in Kenya and children’s education in Uganda, I became convinced that Better Globe is one of the greenest and most socially responsible companies in the world. So for me, it is a privilege to continue to support this effort and follow the incredible results we create together. Getting involved with Better Globe is one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at support@betterglobe.com

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