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Webinars, meetings, and online presentations take place on a semi-regular basis, but you can always contact us to get a one-on-one presentation.

Official Zoom meetings are free to attend, held a few times a year, and typically in English. Our customers are notified about these meetings in our newsletters and our private Facebook group, which is exclusive to our generous supporters.

Other webinars

Webinars and online presentations by Better Globe AS are held in different languages and are most easily accessed by reaching out to the person who informed you about Better Globe. Anyone who referred you to this website should in most cases be able to set you up with a presentation of the company and how our products make a difference for everyone involved.


Sponsor Package

  • Opportunity for shares in TPS
  • Help plant two trees today
  • Create job opportunities
  • Give one tree to farmers
  • Counter desertification
  • Offset CO2 with trees

Donation Package

  • Includes 2x Sponsor Packages
  • Create a social impact today
  • Offset CO2 with four trees
  • Give two trees to farmers
  • Donate to microfinance
  • Donate to Child Africa
  • Empower women
Jan Bolmeson
Malmö, Sweden

To me Better Globe is an amazing way to donate in an ethical, sustainable and long-term manner. The trees I help to plant shape the future into a better place for both people and the environment.


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Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at support@betterglobe.com
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