We at Better Globe would like to thank all our old and new customers for the past year. Year 2017 has in many ways been a breakthrough year for us who work with Better Globe and for Better Globe in general.

In this newsletter we want to offer you the opportunity to get the most out of what Better Globe has to offer. Therefore, we have gathered all information that is helpful to consider at the beginning of this brand-new year.

20 bonus trees with 100% return

All customers who regularly purchase a donation package and ten trees per month throughout 2018, from January to December, receive 20 trees in bonus at the end of the year. These bonus trees are expected to yield a return of 34 153 €. This is therefore the best arrangement for regular purchases and it also benefits Better Globe’s daily business the most.

You set your regular purchases under the tab “Products” followed by the tabs “Buy monthly donation packages” and “Buy trees monthly” in the left menu when you are logged in to your Better Globe account.

A donation package and ten trees comes to a monthly investment of 223 €. On an annual basis, including the bonus trees, this will give you 164 trees at a price of 2 676 €. The return from such an “investment year” comes to a total of 34 153 €. Of course, it is possible to buy even more trees, but the bonus remains the same.

Become a ”Smart customer”

Another way to make the most of your commitment to Better Globe is to become a “smart customer”. A smart customer also get a  donation package every month, but makes sure that it is free of charge. We think this is pretty smart and that why we want to tell you all about how it works.

With your AID-code (customer number), that consist of 4-5 numbers, you can create your own sponsored link to Better Globes hemsida. Take Better Globe’s website address and add “/” followed by your AID-code. It will turn out like this for example: www.betterglobe.com/01234, but instead of “01234” you add your own personal AID-code. This becomes a sponsored link connected to you, and when somebody uses this link to create an account with Better Globe, the new customer becomes connected to you.

If you have at least six customers that buy donation packages connected to you, you get your own donation package for free two months later. This delay is caused by our 14 day return policy.

When the customers who are connected to you buy monthly donation packages, you receive your donation package free of charge every month. We think this is smart and that is why we call those customers “Smart customers”.

Customers connect to you

The customers who are connected to you usually are primarily family members, children and grandchildren, friends or perhaps your own company. Keep in mind that at any time during the year, you can help others become customers in the way we described above.

There are however some details to consider. First off, anyone who chooses to become a customer through you can use the opportunity to get 20 bonus trees. It is not a problem if they start with their regular purchases in February, in March or even later. Then all they have to do is to make up for what they have “lost” earlier in the year, by making those additional purchases, in order to reach the total amount required by December.

Secondly; another slightly more complicated issue is that everyone who wants to buy more than 1 tree regularly every month needs to activate that setting manually, after they have been registered as customers. They then need to log in to their accounts, go to the tab “Products” and select the menu option “Buy trees monthly” and THEN fill in the number of trees they want to buy each month in the future. This must be done regardless of the number of trees they purchased at the actual registration.

And thirdly, if you have helped anyone to become a customer with your sponsored link and either of you have any questions or need some clarity, please do not hesitate to contact our support tea. You can reach us at support@betterglobe.com and we are always happy to help you out. 

Have a fantastic 2018

The team at Better Globe always wants to make sure that all customers feel well-informed and well taken care of, but we do not want to bother you too much. We are doing our best to find a balance that works for you. Hopefully you have found this information useful as you consider your investments for the year ahead. 

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