It is no news that trees contribute to reducing the climate threat. Already in the IPCC report from 2018, it was stated that approximately 1 billion hectares of additional forest would be required. This corresponds to about 2 billion football fields with forest, or an area the size of the USA.

But according to a study published in the journal ‘Science’on July 5, it is possible. The researchers in the study analysed over 80,000 satellite images to be able to realistically assess where to place the tree-plantations and where not to. They also excluded all inappropriate areas, such as cities, farmland, and other places where forest cultivation is not an option.

Their conclusion was that over 900 million hectares of forest could be planted around the world, without encroaching on current agriculture areas or cities. If trees were planted on these surfaces, it could swallow 205 gigatons of carbon dioxide. This would correspond to five times the total emissions in 2018, which was the largest so far.

‘The point is that replanting forests is so much more effective than anyone previously thought. It is also one of the best and cheapest solutions to the climate crisis, which does not even require development of new technology‘, says Thomas Crowther, who is one of the co-authors to the study.

At Better Globe are trying to put our shoulder to the wheel, not least by planting trees in the dry semi-desert. We do this is in areas that are not used for agriculture or food production. We estimate that one of our trees, on average, binds 500 kg of carbon dioxide over a 20-year period. By subscribing monthly to our donation packages, you make a great contribution, with carbon offsets that really do help lower emissions.


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