Although we have not yet managed to get money to grow on trees like in picture above, we will – just as we have done every year since 2011 – pay out returns to those customers who have owned their trees for five years or more. This year, the preliminary payment date is set to November 26.

Then 6,751 of about 14,000 customers will receive a payment to their Better Globe account. From there customers can either buy new trees or withdraw the money to their usual bank account.

Many of the customers who have received returns in previous years wish that they had bought more trees earlier, which is quite natural. However, something we have been pleasantly surprised by is that they also wish they had told it to more people – not just because the trees do good, but above all because they had wanted to give others the opportunity to save some of their money in a positive way.

The opportunity to be a smart customer
It is of course something that we are also hoping for and want to encourage. Many people are therefore also pleasantly surprised when we give them a donation package to show them our gratitude, when they inform other people about Better Globe.

In addition to the value of donation package, it also results in an expected return exceeding 400 € over the years to come. We call it “Smart customer” because a customer who gets their own donation package for free, and increases their return even more, is quite smart.

If you tell other people about Better Globe (or Bring friends to the information meeting in november), ask them to buy the trees via:


Replace “XXXX” with your customer number (the same number you use to login to your BG-account) so we know that you have referred them. This becomes your personal sponsored link.

With your assistance we can plant even more trees, give more people and children new opportunities, and do good with our savings.

Thank you for contributing to making this world a better place!

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