Last week, we carried out three appreciated customer events around the country. The first part consists of Johan Gustafsson’s account of this year’s successes, news and the plan ahead.

One of the absolute biggest successes since last year’s November event is the successful start-up of the business in Uganda. During the year, we started began cultivating trees at our contract farmers in the Dokolo area in northern Uganda.

During the first ten months of the year, we have distributed approx. one million seedlings around 2000 contract farmers who were trained simultaneously. It should be put in relation to the fact that it has previously taken more than 10 years to produce and plant the same amount of plants.

Another piece of news is that we have now planted over 2,000,000 trees, which corresponds to several thousand hectares of forest. What is unique is that this forest has been planted on plantations and with contract farmers in the so-called semi desert. This is an increase of 1,500,000 trees since 2015.

Massively increased production capacity

One big reason for the increased number of planted trees is the engagement and success of the nurseries. It is easy to think that if you want more planted trees, you just need to buy more seeds. But it’s not that simple. Better Globe is basically the only company that grows these trees on a commercial basis and thus also the only party that has needed and been able to drive up seedlings in the quantities needed. This slightly complicated process is illustrated in this article.

In February 2012 the Kiambere nursery had a capacity of 75,000 plants per year, and it has now increased to over 1,200,000 plants. Quite a lot plants are also being sold to external buyers.

Employees and fair working conditions

The number of employees has increased from 415 last year in November to over 625. The hourly salary they receive is 0.45 € per hour, which is to be compared with a state employee in the same area who receives about 0.28 € per hour. Many of the people in these areas live under the UN’s poverty limit of 0.23 € per hour. Therefore, the jobs at Better Globe are very much appreciated.

Financing of schools, water and microloans

In the donation package that many customers use to save monthly, some money goes directly to schools, microloans and water-improvement projects.

During the past year, approximately 36,000 € has gone towards the financing of microloan banks. This money goes to partner organizations that open and run the banks. Better Globe has no ownership or profit interest in the banks, but only provides financing for the start-up. So far, the microloan banks have received financing of about 25,000 €. Considering that the microloan is about 80 €, it is a lot of money. Several thousand families have been given new opportunities thanks to these microloans.

This year, over 100,000 € has gone towards water-related projects via the donation packages. That includes everything from purchases of water tanks, installation of gutters, and providing areas with water. Over the years, more than 485,000 € has been donated towards similar activities. 

In addition, approximately 36,000 € has gone towards funding school buildings and schools. Just as with the microloan banks, Better Globe does not run them, but the money is given to partner organizations. This year a new school was bought, renovated and opened up with this money. You can read an article about the school from this year’s customer trip.

Green Initiative Challenge

For a number of years, Better Globe has been running a project together with KenGen (Kenya’s largest electricity provider) and Bamburi Cement (one of the world’s largest cement producers), which aims to raise awareness about taking care of the environment. They do this by helping and teaching students to plant trees in their schools. The goal is to reach 1000 schools in 10 years, by plaiting a total of over 450,000 trees.

During the year, the collaboration to include over 400 schools that have been assisted by KenGen, Bamburi and Better Globe. The KenGen Foundation wrote about this a couple of months ago on their website. You can also find additional articles here and here.

The plan ahead and cooperation with KenGen

Another important piece of news is the in-depth collaboration with Kenya’s largest electricity provider. In 2006, the first collaboration was initiated, when we planted trees on KenGen’s land around the Kiambere dam. Over the past 10 years, the collaboration has proven to be very successful, so now we are expanding. 

KenGen will provide more land, where Better Globe can build both a sawmill and a laboratory, in the Kamburu area near Kiambere in Kenya. This guarantees a secure supply of electricity, easy access to roads and proximity to previous production facilities, which is why it is of great importance.

When we have our own sawmill we will be able to process the timber in house. The laboratory will facilitate the production of new plants, which has been a time-consuming element of the production-line. We look forward to coming back with more info about this in the future.

Time limited offer to you as a customer

We always recommend regular savings in the first place. It is good for you and it is good for us as, because we need to pay salaries to our employees in Africa every month. That is the reason why we reward regular monthly savings of 1 donation package and 10 trees, by giving away 20 bonus trees at the end of the year.

The bonus can only be used once per customer, which is why we offer a volume-based discount to the customers who buy more trees beyond these 12 donations and 120 trees per year. 

  • If you want to buy 150 – 499 trees you can get 5% bonus trees
  • If you want to buy more than 500 trees you can get 10% bonus trees

The bonus trees give the same expected return as the other trees. This offer is available up to the November 19. Place your order by sending an email to customer service at with your customer number and how many trees you want to order.

The regular savings offer and the first volume discount are equivalent

Note that the 5%-offer corresponds to regular savings in 1 donation package and 10 trees. Therefore, we recommend that you start with monthly savings and possibly supplement your purchase, before using the volume discount.

Customer service is always available when you want help with any settings or purchases. Send an email to

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