2018 was a very eventful year for Better Globe in more than one area. The total number of trees sold seems to have reached the same level as 2017, but I am pleased to be able to write that the number of donation packages sold has increased. I am delighted, since it is the regular monthly purchases that allow us to operate the business in an economically sustainable manner.

However, the biggest progress has been made on site in Kenya and Uganda. Both in terms of planting trees and the administration. Our goal has long been to plant twice as many trees as we have sold within one year from the customer’s purchase. In 2018 we came closer to that goal than ever before, mainly because we have begun to plant trees even in Uganda.

As you may have heard before, it took us 10 years to plant 1 million trees, which corresponds to a few thousand hectares. Therefore, it was a tremendous progress to manage to plant 1 million trees in the year of 2018 – what previously took us 10 years to accomplish was done in 12 months.

The biggest reason for this, of course, is that we have been able to use all the experience we have accumulated over the years in Kenya, and thereby avoiding all previous mistakes. Another equally important reason for our success is that our concept of contract farmers keeps working better and better.

We have been able to take the work with our partner farmers to a whole new level by, among other things, having itinerant caretakers who help, educate and advise the farmers, by having GPS coordinates for each farmer and farm, as well as an overview of the number of trees, types of trees, and so on.

In addition, we have also implemented a number of different administrative aids that are a prerequisite for us to be able to grow faster and have an even greater positive impact on people, societies and, not least, the environment.

At present we have over 160 permanent employees and over 470 part-time employees in Kenya and Uganda. Since many of the part-time employees live in rural areas without infrastructure, we have had to find a way to organize the work in the best possible manner. Now we have, for example, a system where everyone logs on to the plantations with fingerprints, gets their personal tasks and then also their salaries. Something that is much appreciated in a country where wages do not always come on time or in the right amount.

We have also worked extensively with control, measurement and follow-up to continuously develop the business. Especially when we are now expanding with more contract farmers and more countries. We are also working on getting better at communicating the good work that we do, which has resulted in several first pages in various newspapers and magazines around the world.

Even the beginning of 2019 has gone better than planned and I look forward to keeping you updated during the year with the progress we make. So thank you once again for supporting our business through your monthly purchases of trees and donation packages.

Rino Solberg,
Founder and och Chairman, Better Globe

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