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On this page, you will learn more about what our incredible supporters have to say about our company and how they feel about supporting Better Globe AS and the mission to plant trees to uplift the local communities.

Below, you also find news from Better Globe Forestry Ltd. and other references that support the legitimacy of our business activities and how the Better Globe Group works to help reduce poverty and corruption in East Africa.

Testimonials from our generous supporters

Ulrika Emericks, Gothenburg, Sweden

Ulrika Emericks

Gothenburg, Sweden

What really grabbed my attention is Better Globe’s unique combination of helping people while caring for the environment. I have always helped those who have not been so lucky, but here I can do it more effectively. I bought my first donation package in 2008 and have donated monthly since then.

Stelios Vardakis, Cyprus

Stelios Vardakis


I am Stelios and have been a proud supporter of Better Globe since 2010. What made me interested and excited until today is that besides it gives you the opportunity to help the environment, it also helps people and children in need. And those behind this company are very dedicated, honest, serious, and always very helpful. I am very grateful that I am being a part of this fantastic project.

Rodrigo Amaro, Paraíba, Brazil

Rodrigo Amaro

Paraíba, Brazil

Since 2012, when I got my first tree, I have been in love with the amazing work Better Globe people do, supporting job creation, education, and better living conditions in places where there was a lack of opportunity and basic infrastructure. Trees can help everyone, local people, and donors. I highly recommend supporting Better Globe, we all need more trees.

Robin Granqvist, Gothenburg, Sweden

Robin Granqvist

Gothenburg, Sweden

I started buying donation packages via Better Globe in 2016, because I liked the idea of helping people to lead better lives. I went to Kenya in 2017 and when I was there I got to see that it really works.

Renata Turoey, João Pessoa, Brazil

Renata Turoey

João Pessoa, Brazil

When I first heard about Better Globe and Better Globe Forestry through my husband, I was super impressed with the work they do. In addition to helping local communities, they also help the environment and, indirectly, the rainforests. As a Biologist, I admire and support their efforts and am immensely proud to be a supporter of this company. And I have given trees as gifts to almost the whole family!

Martin Pedersen, Lund, Sweden

Martin Pedersen

Lund, Sweden

To me, Better Globe is exactly the type of donation format that I have been trying to find for a long time. I can do good for both people and the environment in Africa, while I also get to help create a greener future for everyone.

Lucas Sköld, Stockholm, Sweden

Lucas Sköld

Stockholm, Sweden

The best thing about Better Globe is the difference I can make with my money. It feels good to know that my money goes towards children’s education, that it helps people to get out of poverty, and that it restores nature’s balance in places where it’s really needed.

Lennart Göthe, Stockholm, Sweden

Lennart Göthe

Stockholm, Sweden

I have bought trees from Better Globe since 2006. I have been down to the plantations and in 2008 I realised that it is “for real”. Since then I have donated thousands of trees for myself and my family.

Jon Ivar Boe, Molde, Norway

Jon Ivar Boe

Molde, Norway

In 2006, I searched for a social business to support and found Better Globe. I immediately started to back them, as their goals touched some chords in me. I really loved the company’s vision of eradicating poverty in Africa by means of tree planting, education, and micro credit! This method has proved to be very efficient. And thousands of families in rural areas have been able to work themselves to a better life. During a visit in 2019 to the areas that Better Globe support, I was happy to see that for myself, and it made my belief in this even stronger!

Jonatan Westman, Gothenburg, Sweden

Jonatan Westman

Gothenburg, Sweden

I visited the operations in Kenya and Uganda during a sponsor trip in the summer of 2017, and then I got to experience the huge difference made on site, with the support from us. It is heartwarming to know that I contribute to providing these opportunities to some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.

Johan Dahl, Gothenburg, Sweden

Johan Dahl

Gothenburg, Sweden

Before I heard about Better Globe, I had long been looking for a way to have a sustainable and positive impact on the people and the environment in Africa. I am so grateful that Better Globe gives me this opportunity and reading the reports about the difference that has already been made for the people and the environment really warms my heart.

Jessica Jäger, Stockholm, Sweden

Jessica Jäger

Stockholm, Sweden

I am often fascinated by how thoughtful Better Globe’s business model is and I am deeply moved by the founders strong incentive to eradicate poverty in Africa. To give help to self-help, so that families get out of poverty and stay together, creates change for individuals, entire families and the society over several generations.

Jan Bolmeson, Malmö, Sweden

Jan Bolmeson

Malmö, Sweden

To me Better Globe is an amazing way to donate in an ethical, sustainable and long-term manner. The trees I help to plant shape the future into a better place for both people and the environment.

Dagfinn Rognerud, Holmestrand, Norway

Dagfinn Rognerud

Holmestrand, Norway

I have been a happy supporter of Better Globe since June 2006. I just love this concept! It is a complete win, win, win for all. For the poor farmers, the children, the backers, the environment, and the company. Every month since 2006 I have been buying trees and donation packages. With this I support the tree planting projects, building of schools for children’s education and microfinance for women in the agricultural sector. I visited Better Globe and Child Africa in 2009, 2012, 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, and will again in 2023 to follow their activities.

Cécile Tartar Jönsson, Åkarp, Sweden

Cécile Tartar Jönsson

Åkarp, Sweden

Thanks to Better Globe everyone is a winner. Children get to go to school, people get jobs, micro loans and an opportunity to get out of poverty, and I as a donor get to help build a greener future for the planet. I think that it is an amazing and sustainable business model that helps people in need.

Audun Turoey, João Pessoa, Brazil

Audun Turoey

João Pessoa, Brazil

The idea of planting trees to reduce extreme poverty in Africa while creating a greener future for us all was very appealing to me. After seeing the work done for underprivileged farming communities in Kenya and children’s education in Uganda, I am convinced that Better Globe is one of the world’s greenest and most socially responsible companies. It is a privilege to continue to support this effort and follow the incredible results.

Ann-Kathrin Vogelsang, Munich, Germany

Ann-Kathrin Vogelsang

Munich, Germany

Better Globe is great with its unique business model. For me as a supporter and the world. They have been reliable from the start. They always keep their promises and are constantly looking for improvements and adaptions. I love seeing their evolution and their progress. It’s not another company, it’s really a company doing GOOD, great actually! I will always support them!

Alina Lundberg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Alina Lundberg

Gothenburg, Sweden

Me and my family have bought trees since 2008. We think it’s amazing that we make a difference for so many people. I have been on site myself and seen the plantations and the schools with my own eyes, and today I can’t stop spreading the word to other people.

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News from Better Globe Forestry Ltd.

Here you can download a PDF copy of the company’s latest newsletter, a monthly publication sent to all Miti Magazine subscribers. In the Miti Magazine newsletter, you learn more about the work we support and how tree planting can transform East Africa’s arid and semi-arid areas.

Science publications

Scientific research in collaboration with national and international researchers coauthored by or in partnership with Better Globe Forestry Ltd.

Other relevant references

Covid prevented Better Globe donors from visiting in 2020, so a virtual Better Globe Forestry tour was recorded by the company to show some of the latest developments.

TV news report from when Keriako Tobiko, the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in Kenya, visited Better Globe Forestry Ltd.’s tree plantations.

Another news report from Minister Keriako Tobiko’s visit to Better Globe Forestry Ltd.’s tree plantation in Kiambere shows the hundreds of thousands of Mukau tree seedlings ready to be planted in 2019.

Philomena Wauya, works at the Kiambere tree plantation in Kenya, talks about the job opportunities created with the help of Better Globe and its impact on her and the community.

Ambrose Musango, who has since been promoted to Forest Officer, talks about what his job entails and how Better Globe Forestry Ltd. invests in the community and works to uplift farmers.

From the World Agroforestry Centre, Dr. Dennis Garrity talks about the challenges farmers face and some of the positive impacts of Better Globe Forestry Ltd.’s tree planting effort with farmers.

Interview with partner farmer Simon Mulli, he talks about why he decided to become an outgrower with Better Globe Forestry Ltd. and how the donated trees have helped him and the community.

A follow-up interview with Simon Mulli to hear how he is doing after two years have passed. By the end of 2020, Better Globe Forestry had 21,000 partner farmers like him in Kenya and Uganda.

Dr. Ben Chikamai, Managing Director of Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), explains why KEFRI has chosen to work with Better Globe Forestry Ltd. in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid areas.

Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs in Uganda, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, talks at a Child Africa function and thanks the visiting Better Globe donors for supporting the children of Uganda.

TV news about the tree planting program Better Globe Forestry Ltd. is part of to help schools and the local communities in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid areas discover the benefits of tree planting.

Schools’ Green Initiative Challenge is a collaboration between Kengen Foundation, Bamburi Cement, and Better Globe Forestry Ltd. that aims to plant trees at 1000 schools in the dry parts of Kenya by 2025.

The Ambassador at the Embassy of Belgium talks about Better Globe Forestry’s cooperation with the community. In 2014, he was the first of several Belgium officials who since visited the plantations.

Better Globe Group CEO & Chairman, Rino Solberg, gives and enthusiastic presentation of his mission to counter poverty and corruption in Africa through a three-pronged strategy at TEDxGöteborg in 2016.

Do good, contribute to a better world, and feel the joy of helping others!

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