The Sponsor Package

The Sponsor Package

Sponsor trees planted in agroforestry systems, benefitting yourself and others

Introducing the Better Globe Sponsor Package – a groundbreaking new product that drives social impact through the power of social entrepreneurship. It offers an unparalleled opportunity for you to make a positive impact by sponsoring two African mahogany trees planted on agroforestry farms. By doing so, you enhance the livelihoods of local farmers, and you also stand to reap significant benefits over time. It is your chance to contribute to a greener future and become a shareholder in Tree Partner Solutions AB (TPS). A Swedish tree asset management company aiming to maximize its social impact and dividend payments to its shareholders.

The Sponsor Package is unique in that it combines poverty alleviation with long-term sustainable and socially responsible business practices, also known as social entrepreneurship. When you purchase it, you sponsor the planting of two trees in arid and semi-arid areas and help provide support and training for smallholder farmers. Better Globe Forestry Ltd. (BGF) collaborates with partner farmers and teaches them agroforestry techniques to help them grow trees successfully.

This product is a fantastic opportunity to become part of the green movement and increase your environmental impact. With it, you empower small-scale farming families and gain a chance to benefit from the greenest asset class we know of, African mahogany trees sustainably cultivated in dry and degraded regions using agroforestry techniques.

The Sponsor Package contains:

  • Two African mahogany trees, primarily planted with BGF partner farmers in Africa. These are typically Melia azedarach and Melia volkensii trees.
    • One tree is awarded to the partner farmers for caring for and planting trees on behalf of TPS on their land.
    • The other tree is managed by TPS. And our customers, who sponsored the tree, have the opportunity to become shareholders in TPS during the next emission.
  • Additional support is given to farmer groups, primarily through water-related projects and training in agroforestry and water-management techniques.

The number of shares available to our valued customers is determined by the number of trees they have contributed to TPS, as well as the valuation of the company when the shares are issued. Two trees are planted for each Sponsor Package you purchase; one represents your direct contribution to the share option in TPS.

Planting trees in agroforestry systems

BGF takes an active role in reforestation efforts by also planting trees in their plantations in Kenya. However, the company is now focused on partnering with farmers to grow faster, plant more trees, increase social impact, and cover more ground. BGF already works with more than 21,000 partner farmers in Kenya and Uganda and has built complex and sophisticated systems that allow for rapid expansion. Although highly advanced real-time monitoring and administration capabilities are in place, any qualified farmer with a simple smartphone can quickly join the project.

In 2019, BGF started using an app-based recruitment process to hire partner farmers instead of doing it manually. This new process allows for faster and more efficient onboarding after the farmers are evaluated by agroforestry field agents. With the app-based system, there is no loss of data because it is captured on mobile devices and synchronized to BGF’s server. And at the back end, reports about farmers can be generated, when it is fully developed. This may include the legally constituted farming groups they belong to, members of groups, community representatives, chiefs, and all the geolocations of the farmers. It is a well-built system that will ensure success as BGF expands its activities with farmers in East Africa.

Farmers are also trained in several topics such as agroforestry, soil and water conservation, pruning, farm protection, weeding, and income generation, in addition to being organized in groups. With this, BGF aims to assist farmers in successfully planting and maintaining trees, resulting in increased crop production by employing agroforestry. Agroforestry is a planting practice that combines trees and agricultural crops for improved outputs such as increasing climate resilience, supporting biodiversity, and boosting crop yields.

As part of the Sponsor Package, partner farmers and local schools can receive assistance with water distribution and management. Given the arid regions where BGF operates, water-related activities are a vital component of the Sponsor Package. Your purchase also contributes to the payment of one tree to partner farmers in exchange for taking care of another tree planted on their land under TPS’s asset management.

Simon Mulli is one of BGF's better-known contract farmers, as Better Globe customers have visited his agroforestry farm.
Simon Mulli is one of BGF’s better-known contract farmers, as Better Globe customers have visited his agroforestry farm. Two videos with him are available on the Testimonials page, take a look and get to know him too.

My benefits

Research has shown that helping others can significantly contribute to our happiness. But with the Sponsor Package, you get to do so much more. You also get the opportunity to become a shareholder in an asset management company with millions of highly valuable African mahogany trees, some of which have been growing since 2007, already in its portfolio.

Owning shares in TPS is like becoming an impact investor, which means that the return is not only financial. Impact investing aims to create benefits such as positive environmental and social impacts. It is a type of investment you can be proud of taking part in, knowing that your assets also contribute to the benefits of others. Not only are you helping farming families, but also the world by countering both climate change and deforestation in tropical forests.

It is expected that TPS will transform its trees into sustainable hardwood products like high-quality furniture, thus extracting more value from the entire value chain of the trees. This has the potential to create far more revenue and returns than just growing trees and selling timber. It is not unusual to extract 3 to 5 times more value from trees by manufacturing goods.

Take, for instance, a mahogany log. While its worth as a raw material cannot be disputed, its value may soar when it is masterfully crafted into a luxurious piece of furniture. The better the quality of the product, the more money can be made. Another exciting benefit is that you help create employment opportunities in underserved regions since the manufacturing facilities will be constructed locally within East Africa.

With TPS, Better Globe customers can centralize their ownership of the trees and assert more control over their assets. This also provides additional opportunities to finance the planting of trees. A single tree owner would usually never be able to obtain a loan with their trees as collateral. An asset management company that holds millions of trees, however, can with relative ease assume short-term low-interest loans to plant more trees. This strategy can grow a forestry company’s assets, which significantly increases its value and makes it possible to pay larger yearly dividends.

By becoming a shareholder in TPS now, you can accumulate shares before their expected initial public offering (IPO), which may take place at the earliest in 2026. From now until then, this is an incredible opportunity to increase your share position in a sustainable and socially responsible asset management company. TPS is expected to generate significant yields and the attention of impact investors and green funds. The TPS shares are likely to gain popularity on the stock exchange because of the valuable trees that are growing bigger and more valuable each day, as well as the increasing number of trees being planted each year. Both contribute to the company’s valuation.

There is no better time than now to start accumulating TPS shares ahead of its much-anticipated IPO. The reason is straightforward: as the trees grow and more trees are added under the management of TPS via the sale of Sponsor and Donation Packages to new and existing Better Globe customers, the company’s value increases.

As the value of the company grows, the available number of shares per tree for each emission also decreases. This is due to the fact that as more trees go into the portfolio with each share issue, every new tree becomes a smaller portion of the overall assets held by the company each time. On the other hand, you can receive shares in a company with a higher evaluation. In other words, the more shares you accumulate before the IPO, the more benefit you stand to gain. And as the tree-to-share rate goes down, the value of the company goes up, giving you more valuable shares. The key to seeing this benefit is to understand that continuous tree planting and yearly growth of all the trees give continuous growth in value, benefiting all shareholders.

Please note that there are risks involved that are outside the control of Better Globe AS. We cannot guarantee you any returns and investments in general are at risk of going to zero. Although we cannot make any promises, rest assured that TPS, with the backing of BGF, has all the necessary tools to ensure that this endeavor will be a success. Both for you as a client and future shareholder, as well as for the farming communities and people working in East Africa. BGF is a leading forestry company in East Africa and is considered a world-leading afforestation company for planting mahogany trees commercially in arid and semi-arid regions. The trees managed by TPS could not be in better hands.

Two Swedish Better Globe customers visiting one of BGF's plantations in June 2019
Two Swedish Better Globe customers visiting one of BGF’s plantations in June 2019.

Tree as an investment

As a potential future shareholder in TPS, it can be helpful to know more about trees as an investment. Trees are considered among the best green investments and are among the most efficient financial instruments for creating both social and environmental benefits. Here are seven unique benefits related to trees as an investment and asset class managed by TPS:

  1. Steady returns: Trees are a long-term investment that can provide steady returns over time. Trees take several years to grow, but once they are mature, they can be harvested and sold for profit and annual returns. The mahogany trees managed by TPS have been planted since 2007 and are fast growers with a maturity time of about 15 to 20 years only.
  2. Diversification: Trees can be a good addition to a diversified investment portfolio. They are real assets, which means they have intrinsic value, and trees are not directly tied to the stock market. Trees held as assets by TPS are less prone to market swings, providing a more stable foundation for the value of the shares of the company. Regardless of market movements, trees continue to grow in size and value.
  3. Inflation hedge: Trees have historically provided a good hedge against inflation. As the prices of goods and services increase, so does the value of timber and wood products such as furniture. In addition, the demand for sustainably harvested tropical hardwood products is rising, while the availability of quality mahogany wood is decreasing. TPS’s holdings are not only valuable right now, but they will also increase in value over time. The value of trees has historically surpassed inflation by a significant margin, and even more so by exploiting the entire value chain of the trees.
  4. Carbon sequestration: Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their biomass. As such, investing in trees can be seen as contributing to environmental sustainability and mitigating the impacts of climate change. This green opportunity may generate additional income for TPS through carbon offsets, potentially increasing revenue payments to shareholders.
  5. Eco-friendly products: In recent years, there has been a growing awareness and demand for sustainably sourced tropical hardwood products. The demand for eco-conscious and socially responsible products is on the rise among consumers. TPS is quite unique in this context since it aims to reduce poverty while also providing profits to all stakeholders. The partnership involving BGF, TPS, and Better Globe AS is a game-changer because of its enormous social and environmental impact on the arid and semi-arid regions of East Africa. Together, these corporations drastically improve the lives of the people in these regions while simultaneously contributing to the restoration of the environment through agroforestry. It is likely that these socially responsible and environmentally friendly company profiles can lead to a preference among contentious consumers.
  6. Sustainability: Reforestation and socially responsible business practices can have a significant impact on the perceived value of tropical hardwood products. BGF and TPS have high environmental and social standards. They protect biodiversity, respect Indigenous rights and the rights of local landowners, promote gender equality, support the local communities, and promote responsible and sustainable forest management. This will reflect positively on both investors and the companies, which may contribute to the perceived long-term value of TPS shares after the IPO.
  7. Scarcity: The availability of high-quality mahogany hardwood is expected to decrease over the coming decades. This decline is expected to drive the price up over time. Deforestation and illegal logging are a constant concern. The high demand for mahogany timber has led to unsustainable logging practices and illegal deforestation in countries where mahogany trees are found. Deforestation has resulted in declining forest cover and a decrease in the number of mature mahogany trees available for harvesting.

    Another factor is that loggers often choose the best trees first, thus depleting the genetic diversity of the species and making quality trees scarcer. These factors drive the price of mahogany up and make it a scarce resource, adding to its value. Moreover, BGF can supply TPS with superior mahogany trees through the preservation of carefully selected premium trees for seedling production. Indeed, BGF has developed a cutting-edge in-vitro production protocol for Melia volkensii (Mukau) in collaboration with prestigious partners such as the University of Ghent in Belgium, the University of Nairobi, and the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI). This will increase the production rate of tree seedlings of superior quality using the DNA of carefully selected premium trees.

Potential risks

Investing in trees can be a profitable venture, but several crucial factors can impact the success of these investments. The quality of the soil, weather conditions, forestry management practices, and climate change are just a few examples. The market demand for mahogany timber and wood products can fluctuate over time, which can impact the value and profitability of an investment. The manufacturing process can add significant costs and risks to an investment. When producing goods, the factory, equipment, workforce, and shipping also need to be considered.

Regulatory and legal challenges may be related to the harvesting and transportation of mahogany timber, particularly in countries where illegal logging is prevalent. Government regulations are typically also different from those affecting other assets.

Fires are a perceived risk but usually do not affect well-managed tree plantations and agroforestry projects. Since BGF started planting trees in 2007, there has not been a single outbreak of fire in the plantations. Still, safety measures are in place. More significant threats are pests and disease, but these can also be mitigated. BGF is in a good position to deal with this challenge through its access to all the research in this area conducted by KEFRI. It has also been discovered that leaves from the Melia volkensii tree planted in Kenya contain bioactive compounds suitable as active ingredients in biopesticides. This is being investigated, but preliminary results are promising, and it appears that our Mukau tree is even more potent than the famous Neem tree.

Both BGF and TPS prioritize risk management and have rigorous countermeasures in place. Please visit their websites to learn more about the specifics, you will find links to each company under the “About Us” section. TPS is a new company (2022), and as they progress, and all legal technicalities are in place, more information will be shared. In about three years (2026) at the earliest, we anticipate TPS will perform an initial public offering in Sweden. This is at least the decision we expect current and future shareholders to vote for.

And as a potentially publicly traded company, if the time comes, TPS will be required by law to share comprehensive details regarding parts of its operations and risks. This transparency will ensure compliance with the regulations that govern public corporations and help investors make better-informed decisions. However, it is typically before an IPO that is the best time to become a shareholder in a company. The risk is usually greater at the beginning of a company’s journey, but so are the rewards as well when the company grows into a successful business.

It is important to highlight that within the forestry sector, most risks are already well known and the ones that are actionable tend to be highly manageable. Another thing that you need to know is that there are no guarantees, as a shareholder you always face risks. It is therefore prudent to only spend money you can afford to live without.

Part of BGF's risk management is having security guards in place to secure the plantations, however, the major threat is usually presented in the form of goats looking to eat seedlings
Part of BGF’s risk management is having security guards in place to secure the plantations, however, the major threat is usually presented in the form of goats looking to eat seedlings.

And the last thing to mention specifically regarding our products is that you are not required to become a TPS shareholder to make a purchase, you can always decide to support the social impact without expecting anything in return. Our green products are about so much more than just financial returns and everyone that wants to support the effort is welcome. Sponsor and Donation Packages are about alleviating extreme poverty, which is our end goal. And for our strategy to alleviate extreme poverty to work, everything else must work, including the risk management of our partners.

Rest assured that every aspect of Better Globe AS and BGF is thoroughly vetted. As members of the Better Globe Group, we stand behind our promise to make a real difference for East African farming families, for the environment, and for our customers. And with us, we have BGF, the leading forestry company in East Africa when it comes to cultivating mahogany trees in dry regions in a socially responsible and sustainable way.

Why make a purchase today?

  • You get to help people in need, the environment, biodiversity, and even yourself through the opportunity of becoming a TPS shareholder before an IPO.
  • You contribute to the availability of sustainably harvested mahogany trees, thus reducing the pressure on tropical forests to provide tropical timber.
  • Supporting tree planting is one of the best ways you can help grow the economy of rural communities living in East Africa’s drylands.
  • You help people where they live and support food security through agroforestry practices.
  • You indirectly contribute to reducing population growth. It has been shown that one of the best ways to reduce family size is to alleviate extreme poverty. As parents earn more, they tend to have fewer children, which may be a net positive for the planet.
  • TPS already manages millions of mahogany trees, shortening the time it will take before shareholders receive dividends. And due to short-term loans and carbon trading opportunities, you are likely to always benefit from more trees and value than you contribute. With different income venues and options to expand the tree planting operation with no cost to shareholders, and a reduction in the tree-to-share exchange rate with every share issue, the best time to make a purchase is likely always now. In short, act today.
  • The sooner you start purchasing our products, the more benefit you can accumulate before the next issue of shares. Several strategies are in place to continuously expand the tree planting operation and diversify income streams. With continuous growth, the best strategy in general is to get started as soon as you feel comfortable making that decision. And you may want to consider purchasing continuously through a monthly subscription that fits your economy. By doing so, you can save long-term with maximum effect in assets that continue to grow in size and value while benefiting people in need, the world, and your own economy.
  • You support sustainable business practices with lasting social impacts for the local communities that traditional charities typically are not able to create. And if you want to boost your social impact, you may also want to consider the Donation Package. With the Donation Package, you can enjoy the benefits of two Sponsor Packages. You also donate €2.5 each to fund microfinance loans and support children’s education through Child Africa.

We welcome you to join forces with us and witness the incredible impact of supporting BGF’s work through Better Globe AS. Our website is overflowing with examples of how you can make a difference with us today and benefit in the process. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Sponsor Package. We hope you see the benefit of purchasing our products and becoming one of our highly valued green supporters and future TPS shareholders today.

Purchase now and do good for others and yourself!

Support tree planting and poverty relief in East Africa with our Sponsor and Donation Packages. Make a financially sound decision to help families in need with a chance to benefit from long-term sustainable and ethical forest management with Tree Partner Solutions AB. It feels fantastic to help others and the environment. Click the link below and make your first purchase with Better Globe AS and contribute to a better world today.

Act now - start your green journey with us today!


Sponsor Package

  • Opportunity for shares in TPS
  • Help plant two trees today
  • Create job opportunities
  • Give one tree to farmers
  • Counter desertification
  • Offset CO2 with trees

Donation Package

  • Includes 2x Sponsor Packages
  • Create a social impact today
  • Offset CO2 with four trees
  • Give two trees to farmers
  • Donate to microfinance
  • Donate to Child Africa
  • Empower women
Robin Granqvist
Gothenburg, Sweden

I started buying donation packages via Better Globe in 2016, because I liked the idea of helping people to lead better lives. I went to Kenya in 2017 and when I was there I got to see that it really works. 


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