Smart Customer

Smart Customer

A smart customer get trees at no cost

We at Better Globe want people around the world to purchase our valuable and socially responsible donation packages. To enlist our customers in this effort, we have created a rewards program that our customers can participate in to get the donation package for free.

Smart customer rewards’ program

Each customer has a unique customer number that can become a reference point to show when you have brought us a new customer. When customers that you have found purchase donation packages monthly, it can get you to a place where you will be rewarded a donation package for free.

We believe that this is a smart way to expand the effort to counter extreme poverty in Africa. It is smart to the extent that it will help build and support more schools, finance more community-owned microfinance banks, and give more people access to clean water. It is also smart because more trees are donated and planted.

The trees planted for us in East Africa by Better Globe Forestry Ltd. bind the soil and counteract desertification. The trees in the donation package also absorb toxins from the air, provide shade, and yield financial returns to the farming communities and schools that received the donated trees.

The donation package is an efficient social impact product that reduces extreme poverty over time. So it is a smart product to buy and recommend to like-minded friends and family who want to help reduce extreme poverty in Africa. Recommending the donation package is also smart because it can help you get your donation package cost-free. Being a “smart customer” is smart in several ways.

You get a free donation package when you have found six customers who also buy the donation package

You can, of course, help us spread our vision to any number of people. But as soon as you have referred six new Better Globe customers who buy the donation package during any given month, we reward you with a donation package.

The donation package you get free of charge is a short-term saving of €59, and in addition to that, it includes a long-term profit. The expected return is €408.50 (from two trees), and you can qualify for up to 12 donation packages free of charge per year. In addition to significantly increasing your social impact and carbon offset, this could give you an extra 24 trees you profit from per year.

How can I refer customers to Better Globe?

Each customer has a unique customer number, also called an AID number. With your customer number, you can create an affiliate link that will identify the customers you refer to us. It is effortless to create your referral link, also known as an affiliate link. Regardless of whether you use or, you can simply add “/” and then your unique customer number. For example:


This link system is already in place for all our customers, so all you have to do is make sure you know your customer number, write out your unique link to our website, and share it.

Regardless if you use the link with your family, a company or organization, your own company, spouse, children, or whoever it may be, they will be registered as your customer if their first purchase is made through your referral link. Suppose you have a friend at a distance who is curious about buying trees or donation packages, or you want to tell someone about Better Globe. Then all you have to do is share the link to our website with your unique customer number, as shown above.

We are grateful to all our customers who talk about us and share our vision, whether they participate in our voluntary smart customer rewards program or not. Regardless it is of great assistance to our vision of less extreme poverty on the continent and to help create a greener and healthier Africa.

We hope you will take part in our bonus program. It is a smart and rewarding thing to do!

Save some of your money in trees and help reduce poverty

We invite you to make a difference in East Africa and contribute to a better world. Your trees will be managed in an ethical, sustainable, and long-term way. Click on the link to our shop and make a socially responsible purchase today. With us, it is profitable to help others.

Do good, contribute to a better world and make money!