Regular Savings

Regular Savings

Learn how you can earn bonus trees from us

As a customer of Better Globe AS, you decide what you want to buy and when. However, we have created a loyalty program that all our customers can participate in to earn 20 bonus trees. A predictable income and steady cash flow are vital for us in Better Globe to create social change in East Africa together with Better Globe Forestry Ltd. (BGF). We have, therefore, created a powerful incentive as a thank you to our most loyal customers.

We work toward long-term goals, which is why we depend on our customers’ ability to have a long-term financial perspective. Poverty reduction on a large scale and planting millions of trees takes time. It requires significant investments that need to grow over time. Until now, we have been the most important source of funding for BGF. And it is our customers who subscribe to our products and make regular savings in trees and donation packages that are the keys to our success.

In Better Globe and BGF, we believe in creating success for everyone involved, be it our customers, the people we support in Africa, or the environment. In the case of our customers, it is highly beneficial to regularly purchase our products because of their long-term financial benefits. But the sad fact is that most people today are not saving money for their future.

Our best advice: regular savings

By regularly buying trees in Better Globe, you build a portfolio of trees from different years. These trees will give you gradually increasing returns. In this way, your profits will increase and can eventually stabilize at a level that you can choose. After about twelve years, you also break-even on your tree purchase. In other words, after twelve years, you have earned as much in return from your trees as you spent on your purchase in any given year.

The rate of returns on trees means that from the 12th year onwards, you can continue to buy the same number of trees as before, only now using the yield from your trees instead of using your money.

We at Better Globe benefit from customers who regularly purchase our products because this allows us to better plan and budget our operations. Therefore, we encourage regular savings by rewarding all customers who buy one donation package and ten trees a month throughout a calendar year with 20 bonus trees.

To get the bonus trees, you need to buy our products at the retail price. You can also make a one-time purchase to qualify. Any specific year you buy a total of 12 donation packages and 120 trees, you automatically qualify. However, for us as a company, it is easier to budget our operations if you subscribe to one donation package and ten trees monthly. The bottom line in the infographic below shows the expected return on the suggested regular savings; with the bonus trees, it is €34 153.

Your expected return from the trees over 20 years in our repurchase program

The bonus trees provide the same returns as the regular trees, making this alternative an excellent deal over time for you as a customer. As mentioned before, you can purchase trees and donation packages at any time if you did not start saving in January. To get your 20 bonus trees, you need to buy at least 12 donation packages and 120 trees by December, and the offer cannot be combined with other offers.

Suppose you buy trees according to this model. In that case, it gives you, in addition to the great benefits your savings contribute to through the donation packages, a more advantageous price per tree than if you buy them individually. And more trees at a lower cost naturally also means that you earn more in profit while also helping to reduce extreme poverty in East Africa.

Monthly savings build your tree portfolio and financial security

The best thing you can do with us is to save some of your money in trees monthly, several years in a row. Not only does your savings help us create social change, but it also means that your overall annual return grows every year, starting with the fifth year when the buyback of your trees starts.

If you bought trees in 2020, you would get your first return in 2024 and every year for the next 15 years, until the felling of the tree takes place in 2039, which would give you your 16th and last payout.

If you also buy trees the following year, in 2021, you will get the first return in 2025, in addition to your return for the 2020 trees. Each year you decide to buy more trees and donation packages; you increase your profit in this manner. You can see how this works by trying our tree calculator on the following page:

Keep in mind that our loyalty program does not prevent you from buying more trees when it makes sense for various reasons, such as when you get a tax refund or dividends from shares. Anytime it makes economic sense for you to acquire more trees, you can log in to your customer account to make your purchase. One thing does not exclude the other, and the more trees you own, the better the economic performance. Not forgetting the immense environmental and social impact your purchases help create.

You can also use our tree calculator to see what your annual return is expected to be in the future. Or use it to find out how many trees and donation packages you need to buy based on how much money you want to receive each year. Highly predictable financial returns from trees make it easier than ever to forecast what type of economic performance you would like to see in the decades to come.

Save some of your money in trees and help reduce poverty

We invite you to make a difference in East Africa and contribute to a better world. Your trees will be managed in an ethical, sustainable, and long-term way. Click on the link to our shop and make a socially responsible purchase today. With us, it is profitable to help others.

Do good, contribute to a better world and make money!