The Donation Package

The Donation Package

The best way to help dryland farming communities

The donation package is the product that we are proudest of, as it genuinely combines doing good with making a profit. In addition to creating jobs, the donation package contributes to children’s education, microloans, and water-related projects while being profitable for our customers.

The donation package is Better Globe’s most important product in terms of social impact and is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make a real difference in Africa. In addition to the two trees that yield financial returns to the buyer of this socially responsible and sustainable product, the donation package contains essential features to help counter extreme poverty in East Africa.

Here is what you get, as well as donate, when you buy the Better Globe donation package:

  • Two trees that give you an expected financial return of €416.50 over 20 years.
  • Two trees donated as gifts to local organizations or contract farmers.
  • Five hundred liters of water is donated, or the equivalent support through water-related projects.
  • €1.50 is allocated explicitly to construction, renovation, and the support of local schools.
  • €1.50 goes towards financing community-owned microfinance banks to support the local economy.

The donation package costs €59 and is best purchased as a monthly subscription, but can also be bought as a single purchase. However, purchasing the donation package regularly through a monthly subscription helps to budget the social outreach program and secures ongoing support to the local communities.

In return, you get a profit while providing ongoing support, which is helpful for local communities, lucrative for you as a customer, and excellent for the environment. With Better Globe, everyone involved wins!

When we deduct two trees worth €40 of the cost from the donation package at €59, we have €19 that goes towards the goal of eradicating extreme poverty one family at the time. And with more than 100 000 donation packages sold worldwide, we make a real and lasting difference that we hope you, too, would like to support.

The expected return of your two trees are €416.50

The two trees in the donation package pay returns at the same rate as trees bought separately. The only difference between the trees you can purchase and the two trees you get in the donation package is the way you acquire them. All trees begin to generate income after the first four years of growth. For the annual returns between years 5 through 19, the revenue comes from Moringa trees, harvested several times per year for their highly nutritional leaves and valuable seeds.

At the end of the 5th year of ownership, you can expect a return of €2.55 per tree, a total of €5.10 per donation package. Over 15 years, you are entitled to this financial return by the end of each year.

The final payout arrives at the end of the 20th year when the company repurchases your trees. The revenue for this repurchase is based on the value of sustainably produced tropical hardwood and its refinement into high-quality wood products of quality comparable to mahogany and teak. The expected sum of this final payment is €170 per tree, which is €340 per donation package, as it includes two trees for the owner.

Here is an example of the repurchase process that happens over 20 years when you buy a tree or a donation package from Better Globe:

The expected return over 20 years

As mentioned before, the expected return per donation package is €416.50. There are, however, some risks involved, and you may lose your returns. Although comprehensive risk management covers almost all possible outcomes, there are no guarantees. Trees represent a long-term commitment, and unforeseen events can potentially result in a loss of capital.

The trees we donate together

The donation package includes two trees that are distributed to contract farmers, local organizations, or to support schools in the Schools’ Green Initiative Challenge (GIC). Better Globe Forestry Ltd. (BGF) is part of the GIC tree-planting initiative, together with Bamburi Cement Ltd. (owned by LafargeHolcim) and KenGen, two of the most prominent construction and energy actors in Kenya, respectively.

The GIC is a 10-year initiative where over 500 schools in semi-arid lands have benefited, and the total number of schools is expected to reach 1000 upon completion. BGF donates trees to the GIC to engage children in environment-related activities that lead to an awareness of nature. When you buy the donation package, you help to complete the circle in this initiative, as the fruits and returns that the trees provide go to the schools.

Water-related projects

Most people who live in semi-arid desert areas may need to walk many hours every day to collect water. It is often the women and children in the communities who are assigned this task. When BGF arranges water access to crops, they also help the communities that exist around the cultivation with access to this precious resource.

In many cases, they have supported schools and communities with water tanks and gutters for rainwater collection. Agroforestry field agents also work with contract farmers and provide essential training, such as water management. And it is the loyal Better Globe customers around the world who buy the donation package every month, who make all of this possible.

Financing the construction and renovation of schools

Mboti primary school in Sosoma, Kenya. Here, Better Globe has financed renovations of the preschool in the picture and contributed with water, water tanks and gutters, and more, using money from the donation packages.
Mboti primary school in Sosoma, Kenya. Here, Better Globe has funded renovations of the preschool in the picture and contributed with water, water tanks, gutters, and more, with money from the donation packages

Many children that live in African villages must contribute to the household, and education is rarely free of charge. As a result, many parents cannot afford to let the children go to school for extended periods. The children are needed at home, and the money is needed for food for the family. Because BGF constructs their tree plantations in the countryside and creates paid jobs, Better Globe customers also indirectly contribute to providing more children with educational opportunities.


BGF operates tree plantations in rural and dry areas where the population consists of underprivileged farmers. Microfinance enables locals in the area to earn their own money by expanding their farming activities and increasing their income. Often a part of the loan is also used to make life more comfortable, for example, with a tin roof or a comfortable mattress.

Microloans can also go to things that make it possible for people to save money in the long-run, like buying a solar-powered lamp instead of oil lamps. Healthcare is also of importance when considering a loan. Others use loans to start or develop agriculture or livestock. Some start another business to generate a secondary income.

Solar panel on the roof at home of one of the microloan borrowers
Solar panel on the roof at the home of one of the microloan borrowers

It can also be used towards school fees or for constructing and renovating buildings. Borrowers can also borrow for assets such as chairs (for their café or lecture activities, for example), water tanks, and solar panels. Women get priority when it comes to microfinance loans as experience shows they are better providers for the family and more likely to create a positive outcome.

Bonus trees

You can buy donation packages as a one-off purchase, in combination with any number of trees, or set up a monthly purchase plan. We at Better Globe encourage and reward regular savings in trees and donation packages. Loyal customers enable us to do far more for the environment and to increase our social impact. So customers who buy 120 trees and 12 donation packages at regular price through a calendar year, get 20 bonus trees from us as a thank you for their support.

Save some of your money in trees and help reduce poverty

We invite you to make a difference in East Africa and contribute to a better world. Your trees will be managed in an ethical, sustainable, and long-term way. Click on the link to our shop and make a socially responsible purchase today. With us, it is profitable to help others.

Do good, contribute to a better world and make money!