Our green products reduce poverty

Our green products reduce poverty

Discover the power of our two socially responsible products for a better world

Better Globe Forestry Ltd. (BGF) plants trees in the semi-arid areas south of the Sahara to help smallholder farming communities overcome extreme poverty. The Norwegian company Better Globe AS has customers worldwide who help crowdfund BGF’s operations through the purchase of Sponsor Packages and Donation Packages.

By supporting Better Globe AS, you help plant African mahogany trees (primarily Melia azedarach and Melia volkensii) that are drought resistant in areas where it is crucial to increase forest cover and reduce desertification. At the same time, you are helping create jobs in eastern Africa’s rural areas. The result is a reduction in poverty and increased opportunities for families to stay together as local job opportunities are created.

Our customers also contribute to a positive environmental impact. The trees we help to plant absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, prevent desertification, retain and improve the topsoil, and provide more nutritious agricultural land. Tree planting by BGF can protect local water sources from sedimentation caused by surface runoff, as seen at Lake Kiambere. Growing tropical hardwood in arid and semi-arid regions can also help prevent deforestation in tropical forests by offering a viable and sustainable timber alternative.

BGF plants and takes care of these amazing trees

BGF’s approach to social entrepreneurship in its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty in East Africa secures profitability for both the company and partner farmers. Long-term sustainability is only achieved when everyone involved in the effort benefits, including the environment.

Better Globe AS created a sustainable business model that allows individuals and companies worldwide to support BGF’s vision by purchasing Sponsor Packages and Donation Packages. The sale of these two uniquely green and socially responsible products supports BGF’s operations and has significant positive effects on local communities and the environment.

BGF operates as a local agent in East Africa, planting and maintaining the trees. They also ensure that the distribution of trees to farmers contributes to alleviating extreme poverty. In addition, the company cares for and harvests trees, collaborates with and train partner farmers, and distributes social aid funded through the Donation Packages sold to our customers.

We sell two types of green and socially responsible products

By purchasing our products, you can contribute to creating long-lasting and positive impacts. As a customer, you support BGF’s donation program and help plant more trees, which benefits biodiversity, the local communities, future generations, and even you as well.

The Sponsor Package – benefit others and yourself

Each Sponsor Package contains two trees. The Swedish company Tree Partner Solutions AB (TPS) administers the trees that are cared for by the partner farmers. The farmers receive support through BGF, amongst others, through education, water projects, etc. This support along with half of the trees goes to the farmers and local schools as compensation for the farmers planting and caring for the remaining trees on their land on behalf of TPS.

TPS is a partner of Better Globe AS and BGF but is ultimately owned by our customers. All customers of Better Globe AS have historically been offered shares in TPS at a value equivalent to the receipt of the sponsored trees. TPS and Better Globe AS have a long-term collaboration where the intention is that TPS will continue to do this for all of Better Globe’s customers.

The first offer of shares in TPS concluded at the end of April 2023. TPS is now working on the development to meet the financial market’s regulations so that the company is able to bring in more shareholders.

When someone buys shares in a company, the share price is based on the company’s value. The tree-to-share exchange rate should therefore, in future conversions, be based on the estimated value of all African mahogany trees managed by TPS at the time of issue.

The foundation for TPS was laid in 2022 when Better Globe’s customers wanted to coordinate in an ownership company of the biological assets owned solely by the tree sponsors through shares. Through financial management, TPS hopes to further increase tree planting, support our mission to alleviate poverty in Africa, and help the planet. Tree sponsors who become share owners of TPS contribute to a worthy cause, while the value of the biological assets continues to increase its net worth annually. This is because TPS manages all the biological assets purchased since our company was founded in 2006.

Even though there are always risks involved, mahogany trees are known to grow in value each year. Moreover, the cost of sustainable tropical hardwood rises annually as its use and utility gain popularity worldwide, with a recent surge from countries in Asia.

With 18 years of experience in planting trees (since 2006) in arid and semi-arid regions, BGF is currently the most esteemed forestry company in Kenya. And as pioneers in commercial tree planting in dry areas, the company can show time-proven results that are hard to beat. And it is BGF that cares for the trees owned by TPS, the trees could not be in better hands.

The Donation Package – do good and feel good

Our wish is that all our benefactors buy the Donation Package monthly. It is our most important product to effectively alleviate poverty by creating long-lasting positive results. It creates significant social impacts and includes two Sponsor Packages. This means a total of four trees are planted where they are most needed, in arid and semi-arid regions.

The biological assets are managed by TPS, and the trees are looked after by the partner farmers with the support of BGF. The value of the trees in both the Donation Package and the Sponsor Package will contribute to increased tree planting and benefits for the farmers, together with returns to the shareholders in TPS. Read more about shares in TPS under Sponsor Package above.

BGF supports smallholder farmers by offering training in agroforestry and water management techniques, which is funded by the sale of our products. But what makes the Donation Package really stand out is that it also includes pure financial donations for school activities and financial inclusion through microfinance. These donations are vital in combination with the tree-planting activities to fulfill our mission to alleviate extreme poverty in arid and semi-arid areas.

Ugandan partner farmer with Melia azedarach trees and cassava crops in an agroforestry system.

Effective poverty relief

At present (2023), we have used money from the Donation Packages to build two schools and toward the renovation of several schools. A part of the money donated through the Donation Packages finances microloans and community-owned microloan banks. We do not operate schools or microloan banks but rather fund their operations. Qualified partner organizations such as Child Africa (the NGO we support for children’s education), and local communities are responsible for running them with support from BGF.

In addition, our products can help fund water-related projects. Typically, BGF has installed gutters and water collection tanks to aid in water collection. When necessary, BGF has provided water to alleviate dry spells. Contract farmers also receive training in water management from BGF agroforestry agents. These are BGF’s highly skilled field agents that travel around to help farmer groups increase their climate resilience, productivity, and income potential.

As you can see, the Donation Package contributes impactful resources such as funding for children’s education and community-owned microfinance banks. And it is the Donation Package that drives most of the social impact generated by BGF’s operations in Kenya, Uganda, and hopefully soon also Tanzania.


Purchase now and do good for others and yourself!

Support tree planting and poverty relief in East Africa with our Sponsor and Donation Packages. Make a financially sound decision to help families in need with a chance to benefit from long-term sustainable and ethical forest management with Tree Partner Solutions AB. It feels fantastic to help others and the environment. Click the link below and make your first purchase with Better Globe AS and contribute to a better world today.

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Sponsor Package

  • Opportunity for shares in TPS
  • Help plant two trees today
  • Create job opportunities
  • Give one tree to farmers
  • Counter desertification
  • Offset CO2 with trees

Donation Package

  • Includes 2x Sponsor Packages
  • Create a social impact today
  • Offset CO2 with four trees
  • Give two trees to farmers
  • Donate to microfinance
  • Donate to Child Africa
  • Empower women
Robin Granqvist
Gothenburg, Sweden

I started buying donation packages via Better Globe in 2016, because I liked the idea of helping people to lead better lives. I went to Kenya in 2017 and when I was there I got to see that it really works. 


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