“We have not inherited the land from our ancestors. We have borrowed it from our children”. Financial blogger Jan Bolmeson quotes this old Native American proverb as he explains why he has chosen to invest in our trees, as part of his ethical and sustainable saving strategy.

Many of us try to take the environment into account as we make our daily life choices. We try to take the bike instead of the car, we choose organic when possible and so on. However, many of us forget that our savings actually has a significantly greater environmental impact than many of the factors mentioned above.

Lennart Göthe talked about this in part 2/3 ”Poverty combated with purchasing power”, and it was also mentioned by Johan Gustafsson in ”This year’s news and successes, 2018”. In the video below, Jan talks about how he looks at the business, from a sustainable and ethical perspective.

Read what Jan has written about his lecture.

From traditional savings to influential savings

In recent years I have seen a clearly growing interest among investors; they are not solely looking for a good return on their money anymore, but they also want the money to do good in the meantime.

With traditional savings ethical, social, environmental and sustainable factors were ignored. Then we started to recognise working conditions in other countries, among other things, and now the so-called SRI principles for “Socially Responsible Investing” have been drawn up.

In many ways, the strategy was to opt out of the biggest culprits in among the environmentally destructive companies, or companies that worked with weapons, tobacco or other unethical industries.

The problem with opting out, however, is that you do not state what it is that you want instead. It gives no other message than “we do not want anything”. It’s good, but weak. In recent years they have therefore developed the so-called ESG principles that take the environment and social factors into account, and impact through corporate governance. Instead of opting out, you choose.

It has also been picked up by the UN in e.g. the so-called UN PRI principles, UN:s Principles for Responsible Investment. More and more funds, thanks to demands from us consumers and other organizations, are beginning to report not only their returns but also their impact. A significant example is the letter ”A sense of purpose” sent out by the CEO of Black Rock, Larry Fink , the world’s biggest fund company.

The final stage, which is getting more and more attention, and where Better Globe was among the first to take proper action, is savings with influence. That is, the entire company’s business concept is based on doing good. A Swedish example that we should be very proud of is the Gothenburg-based company Trine. It is a company dedicated to rating companies based on impact that they have, as much as the returns they offer. By giving these companies money, we vote with our feet – we savers simply say – we think this is good, we want more of this. 

Impact on what? UN’s 17 global sustainability goals

When talking about impact, it is also good to agree on what kind of impact it is. In my case, the best tool I have found is the UN’s Global Goals for a Sustainable Development. When I talk about doing good, I think a lot about these goals.

By saving some of my money in Better Globe, I actually contribute to several of these goals. In my subjective opinion, this is at least about:

  • No poverty
  • Zero hunger
  • Quality education
  • Gender equality
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Decent work and economic goals
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Reduced inequalities
  • Climate action
  • Life on land
  • Partnerships for the goals

According to me, Better Globe contributes to the fact that we as people on this planet must fulfil these goals in different ways. Customers that buy trees create jobs, finance microloan banks, finance organizations that work with schools, contribute to water-improving measures, and so on.

This, in turn, leads to positive consequences regarding gender equality and equality. The trees reduce problems with erosion, desertification and reduce the climate problems we are facing. In addition, it has been seen that biodiversity increases on the plantations, as the microclimate changes for the better.

I know few ways in which one can contribute to meeting as many of the UN’s global goals for such a small amount as 17 € for a tree or 53 € for a donation package.

Time limited offer to customers

We always recommend regular savings. It is good for you and it is good for the company, that needs to pay salaries to employees in Africa every month, to mention one regular expense. That is why we also reward customers that save regularly by buying 1 donation package and 10 trees each month, with 20 bonus trees at the end of the year.

However, the bonus only applies once per customer and therefore we want to give the customers who want to buy trees beyond these 12 donations and 120 trees annually, an opportunity for volume discount.

  • If you want to buy 150 – 499 trees you have the possibility to get 5% bonus trees
  • If you want to buy over 500 trees you have the possibility to get 10% bonus trees

The bonus trees yield the same expected return as do the regular trees. The offer is valid until November 19th. Place your order by sending an e-mail to customer service at support@betterglobe.com with your customer number and the amount of trees you want to order. 

The regular savings offer and the first volume discount are equivalent

Please also note that the first offer of 5 percent is equivalent to regular savings in 1 donation package and 10 trees. Therefore, we recommend that you start saving monthly and possibly supplement your purchase, before using the volume discount.

Customer service can of course also assist you with your monthly savings and additional purchases. Email support@betterglobe.com.

Save some of your money in trees and help reduce poverty

We invite you to make a difference in East Africa and contribute to a better world. Your trees will be managed in an ethical, sustainable, and long-term way. Click on the link to our shop and make a socially responsible purchase today. With us, it is profitable to help others.

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