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Impact on the world’s forests

Published: 2018-08-27|
Skogstäckningen i världen. Från
The site Visual Capitalist has compiled facts regarding the human impact on forest over different time periods. Today, forest covers 30 percent of the world’s surface, but we harvest faster than we plant. In Africa, 28 trees are cut for every tree planted. In the early 1900s, there were about 50 million square kilometers of […]
In July, we had 20 customers who visited the business on site in Kenya and Uganda. For two weeks, they had the opportunity to visit the plantation and workers of Kiambere, the contract farmers in the 7Forks area, farmers who received microloans, schools built or renovated, the headquarters in Nairobi and other interesting events, such […]
Our itinerary in Uganda is as full as in Kenya, and one of the first things our customers had to do was to pay the Ugandan State Minister for Tourism, Kiwanda Godfrey Ssuubi, an official visit. Better Globe would not be able to carry on its business activities without the support of both the locals, […]
Here comes more pictures from the customer and the photographer Marcus Bolin who participated in the customer trip this summer. These pictures are also from the Kiambere plantation in Kenya. You can see more of Marcus’ photos in the previous article, or browse the other articles from this trip in the category customer trip 2018.
Kiambere-plantagen, Kenya, juli 2018.
One of the participants of this summer’s trip was Marcus Bolin, who works as a professional photographer. In the following articles, we publish some of his pictures that we think are very nice and portray the business very well. Below you can see the photos from the first few days of the trip. Feel free […]