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Last week, we carried out three appreciated customer events around the country. The first part consists of Johan Gustafsson’s account of this year’s successes, news and the plan ahead. One of the absolute biggest successes since last year’s November event is the successful start-up of the business in Uganda. During the year, we started began […]
For several years we have annually hosted large and successful events in the month of November. This year we want to do something completely new and provide all our existing customers with an exclusive event, with brand new in-depth content. We want to celebrate together with you! Therefore we are inviting you to come and […]
Although we have not yet managed to get money to grow on trees like in picture above, we will – just as we have done every year since 2011 – pay out returns to those customers who have owned their trees for five years or more. This year, the preliminary payment date is set to […]
We hereby have the pleasure of inviting all our tree customers to the annual information meeting. At this customer event, we will give you information about all the good that your trees have contributed to, and tell you about this year’s most important events. We are very proud of everything that has been achieved. You […]
Mangoträd på testfarmen i Kibwezi
One of the participants of this summer’s trip was Marcus Bolin, who works as a professional photographer. In the following articles, we publish some of his pictures that we think are very nice and portray the business very well.  Below are the pictures from the visit to the test farm in Kibwezi where Better Globe […]