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Dhaulagiri is the seventh-highest mountain in the world and is known for its steep slopes and dangerous terrain. It is one of Nepal’s most iconic mountains for adventure travelers in South Asia. Dhaulagiri has been climbed by many famous mountaineers, including Sir Edmund Hillary, who in 1953 was the first to reach the Mount Everest […]
It is no news that trees contribute to reducing the climate threat. Already in the IPCC report from 2018, it was stated that approximately 1 billion hectares of additional forest would be required. This corresponds to about 2 billion football fields with forest, or an area the size of the USA. But according to a […]

VIP visit to Kiambere

Published: 2019-07-01|
On the 22nd of February of 2019, Better Globe Forestry (BGF) was proud to host a delegation of VIPs to its plantation in Kiambere, headed by the Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Environment & Forestry, Hon. Keriako Tobiko. Also present were Dr. Jane Njuguna, Ag Director of the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) and other leaders […]

New website!

Published: 2019-04-24|
It is with great pleasure that we launch this new website. For a long time, our goal has been to be able to show you all the positive changes that your savings and your trees contribute to. The donation packages and trees that you buy really make a big difference on site. On our new […]

Short rains

Published: 2019-03-19|
Late last year (2nd November), Better Globe Forestry hosted the launch of the Government’s short rains tree planting programme at Kanduya sub-location, Mwingi north constituency. Confusingly, the so-called “short rains” are actually the main rains for the area concerned. The months of October, November and beginning of December, is the principal planting season for both […]