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New website!

Published: 2019-04-24|
It is with great pleasure that we launch this new website. For a long time, our goal has been to be able to show you all the positive changes that your savings and your trees contribute to. The donation packages and trees that you buy really make a big difference on site. On our new […]

Short rains

Published: 2019-03-19|
Late last year (2nd November), Better Globe Forestry hosted the launch of the Government’s short rains tree planting programme at Kanduya sub-location, Mwingi north constituency. Confusingly, the so-called “short rains” are actually the main rains for the area concerned. The months of October, November and beginning of December, is the principal planting season for both […]
In 2013, KenGen Foundation and Better Globe Foresty started a forest planting project to combat desertification in Kenya’s dry and semi-arid lands, especially in the Seven Forks area. The project was designed to encourage and enable schools to participate in environmental activities by exploiting small forests and tree plantations, which brings several benefits to their […]

Thank you for 2018!

Published: 2019-01-30|
2018 was a very eventful year for Better Globe in more than one area. The total number of trees sold seems to have reached the same level as 2017, but I am pleased to be able to write that the number of donation packages sold has increased. I am delighted, since it is the regular […]
In the middle of last week one of our Swedish customers, Torgny Johnsson, visited our plantation in Nyongoro by his own. Since 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised against travel to this area in Kenya, because of the security situation with Al-Shabab operating in the border regions between Kenya and Somalia. Here you […]