The work done

The work done

Tree planting in semi-arid areas in Kenya and Uganda

Better Globe Forestry Ltd. (“BGF”) builds and operates tree plantations in semi-desert areas in Eastern Africa. Together with local farmers different kinds of trees are planted on lands that are difficult to farm. In a sustainable way, BGF directly and indirectly help people out of poverty. The number of jobs increases and microloans and education are offered. At the same time, BGF are doing good for the environment and for our planet. In addition, BGF provides our clients with a good return.

BGF genuinely believes in sustainability and the importance of a long term view. There are no quick-fixes. If you want to make a change for real you need to lay a solid foundation and really have a long term perspective. When working with planting trees the long term perspective comes almost by itself. Sustainability is the other factor that is really fundamental to the Better Globe Forestry Ltd. business.

Mulandi Nzama, one of the Better Globe's partner farmers planting Mukau trees on his land.
Mulandi Nzama, one of the Better Globe Forestry Ltd’s partner farmers planting Mukau trees on his land.

In order for a change to last over time and be long-term, it needs to be sustainable for all parties. BGF believe in sustainability for:

  • our employees on the plantations who receive a salary which enables them to help themselves out of poverty
  • our environment and the planet, because tree planting reduces the threat of climate change and desertification
  • the children who have the opportunity to go to school because we build and renovate schools through our partner Child Africa
  • those receiving microloans from the banks BGF finance
  • the countries where we operate, that receive taxes and the economic value added
  • the communities where our employees live, that receive infrastructure and opportunities to grow
  • Better Globe AS customers who can receive some of the profit from the trees and the business

Since all parties are winners, BGF will achieve our vision to eradicate poverty and corruption. It will not happen overnight. However, what we have achieved so far since 2004 exceeds our expectations. Everything indicates that BGF are doing things right.

Tried and tested methods give results

Actually, none of what Better Globe Forestry Ltd’s doing is new. The Kenyan environmental activist and later Environment Minister Wangari Maathai received the Nobel prize already in 2004 for planting trees. A few years later, Muhammad Yunus received the Nobel prize for microloans. It is not a new idea that education is one of the main roads out of poverty. However, what BGF does that is quite unique in the world, is the combination of all these elements into a working business with many profiteers.

Seedlings ready to be planted. Kiambere, Kenya 2017
Seedlings ready to be planted. Kiambere, Kenya 2017

The success factor is how BGF combines the various parts into a whole. What BGF does, in brief, is:

  • Helping people to help themselves – we believe in teaching people to fish rather than giving them fish.
  • Tree planting – has repeatedly proven to be a good way to improve the local environment, reduce climate change and erosion, and provide a stable return. It’s an added bonus value that we do it on land that is considered useless.
  • Microloans – in 2006 Muhammad Yunus received the Nobel prize for having shown that micro finance is an effective way to help people out of poverty.
  • Water – is an indispensable resource that there isn’t enough of in large parts of Africa. Efficient water use is necessary.
  • Education – the best way to help people change their situation is through education.
  • Collaboration – nobody has ever achieved anything big on their own. Our collaborations and partnerships are keys to success.
  • Profit sharing – in order to finance our business we need your help, but we share the profits, so that you also can profit.

Click on each heading (or use the menu at the top) to learn more about how we work in these areas.

Our impact

Better Globe Forestry Ltd’s vision and long term goals are to reduce poverty and corruption in Africa. They are the two single biggest constraints holding Africa back from really flourishing.

Philomena Wayua working on Better Globe's plantation in Kiambere, Kenya, 2017.
Philomena Wayua working on Better Globe Forestry Ltd’s plantation in Kiambere, Kenya, 2017.

Since BGF started the company in 2004, much more have been achieved than thought possible. Below are a few examples of the accomplishments of Better Globe Forestry Ltd:

  • planted over 2 700 000 trees on land that no one thought could be used for forestry
  • paid returns to our tree owners since 2010, according to plan
  • built two schools in Uganda through our partner Child Africa
  • funded renovations of several schools in Kenya through our partner Child Africa
  • funded the purchase of a new school in Kabale, Uganda through our partner Child Africa
  • several hundred seasonal employees in areas where there previously were no opportunities for work
  • funded three microloan banks that have lent money to over 5,000 families
  • started a partnership with several hundred farmers who receive great benefits by adding tree cultivation to their business activities

Read more about our impact here →

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Jessica Jäger
Stockholm, Sweden

I am often fascinated by how thoughtful Better Globe’s business model is and I am deeply moved by the founders strong incentive to eradicate poverty in Africa. To give help to self-help, so that families get out of poverty and stay together, creates change for individuals, entire families and the society in several generations.

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