For several years we have annually hosted large and successful events in the month of November. This year we want to do something completely new and provide all our existing customers with an exclusive event, with brand new in-depth content.

We want to celebrate together with you! Therefore we are inviting you to come and get the latest news about Better Globe’s development in East Africa, learn how your investment is progressing and about how you influence social development through your economic choices 

The program includes, among other things:

News, successes and plans ahead

Johan Gustafsson is the entrepreneur who has Better Globe as one of his most important business areas. He has contributed to tens of thousands of trees being planted and he also led the visit to the operations in Kenya and Uganda this summer.

Johan will tell you about the practical difference your trees make for the people and the climate, and the progress that Better Globe has made during the last fiscal year. You may also hear what plans Better Globe has for the future; the cooperation which makes it possible to create a self-directed refinement process, focus on partner farmers and the expansion to Uganda.

Better Globe as an ethical and sustainable part of long-term savings

Jan Bolmeson is a civil engineer who is now dedicated to educate the Swedes on personal finance. Through the blog and podcast RikaTillsammans, he helps tens of thousands of savers and investors every week to take their savings to the next level.

Since 2008 he has been a customer Better Globe, and visited the operations in person five times. Jan will analyze the investment in trees, compare it with other types of savings and explain how you can use savings in trees as part of your portfolio.

Influence the future and create social benefits with money and commitment

Lennart Göthe is the company manager who over time has become one of Better Globe’s largest customers. He was the first customer to travel to Kenya in 2006 and is passionate about making a difference for people, the environment and communities.

Lennart will talk about the latest trends in sustainable savings, impact investing and how we create social benefits by actively choosing where we place our money.

Book your spot at the customer event

I, Cathrin Nilsson, together with my colleagues welcome you warmly. I will moderate our events and I have been a customer of Better Globe since 2009. We hope to meet many of customers at these events in November.

We can already reveal that the evening will contain at least one really profitable surprise for all attendees. 

Book your spot:

  • Stockholm – Tuesday, November 6th, 18.00 – ca 20.00
  • Gothenburg – Wednesday, November 7th, 18.00 – ca 20.00
  • Malmö – Thursday, November 8, 18.00 – ca 20.00

Additional cities might be added later on. They will all be available on our calendar.

Cathrin Nilsson, Moderator

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