Today is one of our favourite days of the year, and hopefully also for our customers. Now all payments have been made for trees bought and planted from 2006 to 2014. We would like to thank all our 6,751 customers who bought trees between 2006 and 2014. Today you have shared over 600,000 € in […]

For several years we have annually hosted large and successful events in the month of November. This year we want to do something completely new and provide all our existing customers with an exclusive event, with brand new in-depth content. We want to celebrate together with you! Therefore we are inviting you to come and […]

Although we have not yet managed to get money to grow on trees like in picture above, we will – just as we have done every year since 2011 – pay out returns to those customers who have owned their trees for five years or more. This year, the preliminary payment date is set to […]


In July, we had 20 customers who visited the business on site in Kenya and Uganda. For two weeks, they had the opportunity to visit the plantation and workers of Kiambere, the contract farmers in the 7Forks area, farmers who received microloans, schools built or renovated, the headquarters in Nairobi and other interesting events, such […]

We at Better Globe would like to thank all our old and new customers for the past year. Year 2017 has in many ways been a breakthrough year for us who work with Better Globe and for Better Globe in general. In this newsletter we want to offer you the opportunity to get the most […]