Customer trip 2018

Since we are expanding our operations in Uganda this year, we needed to build new offices for the head quarters in Uganda. The Scandinavian guests were invited to help out.

Isaac was one of the first children who had the opportunity to get their schooling funded by Julie and Rino Solberg, the founder of Better Globe. A couple of days ago, he married his Deborah and it was planned to coincide with the arrival of our visitors. When Rino turned fifty over 25 years ago, […]

Den nya skolbyggnaden i Kabale, Uganda som finansierats av Better Globe

In 2017, Better Globe helped finance the purchase of a building where the former owner ran a secondary school. It opened up this year after renovation and now the new school has opened its gates. Part of the money from donation package purchases goes towards what we call school activities. This includes financing of renovation, […]

Here comes some more pictures from the visit to the Ugandan school at the equator, which was financed via our customers’ purchases of donation packages. Today, it is run by a charity organization (NGO) with a focus on education. Thanks to Johan (in the photo below) for sending us all the pictures. Something that many […]

One of the first places our customers and ambassadors visited in Uganda was the school at the Equator. The construction of the school began in 2009 and is today run by the charity organization (NGO) Child Africa, which has close cooperation with Better Globe. An exciting detail on the school forms is the curve-shaped yellow […]