Dhaulagiri is the seventh-highest mountain in the world and is known for its steep slopes and dangerous terrain. It is one of Nepal’s most iconic mountains for adventure travelers in South Asia. Dhaulagiri has been climbed by many famous mountaineers, including Sir Edmund Hillary, who in 1953 was the first to reach the Mount Everest summit together with Tenzing Norgay. However, Sir Edmund Hillary was unsuccessful in his attempt to reach the Dhaulagiri summit.


Taking Better Globe to the top

One of the successful climbers reaching the Dhaulagiri summit is the adventurous Swede and Better Globe customer, Tim Bogdanov. On the 1st of October 2021, he became the first person from Sweden to make the arduous journey and reach the Dhaulagiri summit at an astounding 8,167 meters above sea level.



With him, he brought both Better Globe and Equator Moringa, a high-quality moringa supplement produced and distributed by Max Health AS in Norway. This is an immensely nutritious, organic, and socially responsible superfood supplement we are proud to call our “own.” Equator Moringa is made from the leaves of moringa trees, one of the tree species planted by Better Globe Forestry Ltd.



Getting to know an explorer

How did you get started with exploration, and what motivated you to start climbing mountains?

— My first experience of higher mountains was when I was 10 years old. I was trekking on Gran Canaria with my parents and that was the highlight for me of the whole trip. I really enjoyed the feeling of adventure and have been seeking that feeling since. Either on a bicycle or with my mountaineering boots on.


How did you prepare for this adventure, and what were the greatest challenges you had to overcome to reach the Dhaulagiri summit?

— I knew it’s going to be though, so I tried to squeeze in as many vertical meters as possible into my legs before my attempt. Just before reaching the Dhaulagiri Basecamp, I had done more than 50,000 vertical meters in the months before. It’s also been a lot of training in the ski slopes of Oslo and on the Norwegian 2,000-meter peaks last summer. Now that is my new minimum requirement for future 8,000-m projects. Without strong legs, it’s impossible to climb 8,000-m without support.


What does Better Globe mean to you, and why did you decide to bring the company to the seventh-highest peak in the world?

— I have been part of Better Globe since 2008 when I got my first trees, and have seen the company take great steps towards its goals over the years. It is a unique company that I really enjoy supporting because of the important function it serves with tree planting, job creation, education, community support in Africa. I believe the work Better Globe does is very important and that’s why I choose to support them.

Follow Tim up the mountainside for the final sprint to the top of Dhaulagiri on October 1 in this short video: https://youtu.be/TWom58iaOv8


You also brought with you Equator Moringa. Do you feel the supplement may have helped you in any way?

— I was very strong on Dhaulagiri this season. I opened a 300-meter path in the high snow to help the other climbers after a heavy snowfall made it difficult to get up the mountain and reach the summit. I have never been this strong at altitude before, and one of the new products I use is Equator Moringa. I will use it on my upcoming expeditions as well because it is part of the puzzle of maintaining a highly functional body.



What advice can you give other would-be explorers?

— Enjoy the feeling of adventure, exploration, and freedom. If you can help someone on the way, do so, or support a local charity or business in the area you are exploring. Small deeds in a collective manner can have a big impact. Especially in times of a global pandemic.


Award-winning explorer

Tim Bogdanov made his demanding climb to the Dhaulagiri summit without porters or portable oxygen. This is a mountainous achievement that places him in the circle of a select few individuals that have been able to make the dangerous climb.

The experienced adventurer has a very long list of achievements under his belt, including: 36 mountain summits over 5,000 meters, of which 4 were by bicycle; around 55,000 km cycling for the purpose of travel and adventure; visiting more than 75 countries; climbing the top ten peaks of the Americas; and the list goes on. He also climbed Manaslu at 8,163 meters above sea level to the tolerated summit zone and says he will go back for a real summit, maybe next year.

Not surprisingly, Tim Bogdanov was named “Adventurer of the Year 2013” in Sweden. You can learn more about him and follow his future adventures at www.timbogdanov.com.