About Better Globe AS

About Better Globe AS

Reducing extreme poverty in Africa through social entrepreneurship

Better Globe AS is a Norwegian social enterprise engaged in crowdfunding, sales, and marketing. We sell trees and donation packages as commodities worldwide to support Better Globe Forestry Ltd.’s (BGF) efforts to eradicate extreme poverty and corruption in Africa, one family at the time.

In East Africa, BGF acts as our agent by planting the trees for our customers, and taking care of them until the ownership ends. The trees are repurchased over a 20-year timeframe. BGF is among the most respected forestry companies in East Africa and is widely known for its dedication to sustainable practices and for creating significant social impacts in arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL).

By funding trees to be planted in ASAL with our forestry partner in Africa, we are working toward our joint vision to reduce poverty in Africa. Together, we want to make Africa a better and greener place for both people and nature.

Our forestry partner BGF is the first forestry company in the world to plant mukau trees (Melia Volkensii, a drought-resistant Kenyan mahogany species found in semi-arid areas) commercially in an environment where no one has ever attempted forestry on a larger scale. The company expects to be the world’s largest forestry company within the mahogany sector by 2025. Please watch our 4-minute introductory video to get a better idea of how our customers help BGF create a greener future.

Together we are already making a significant difference

Today (2020), 14 years after we in Better Globe sold our first product, we are proud to show that it is possible to make a big difference for real. The ideas of BGF were correct; it is possible to operate a sustainable and commercially viable forestry business and create social change in the ASAL of East Africa. Together with our forestry partner, we will continue to work, holistically and sustainably, for a future with less extreme poverty in Africa. And we would like to invite people to help crowdfund the efforts of BGF in Africa through our long-term profitable social impact products because:

  • By planting trees, we care about smallholder farming families, the environment, and the world community
  • Value is created for the local families, primarily by empowering women and supporting children’s education
  • Living conditions and food security are improved through our partnerships with local farmers through agroforestry, microloans, training, and by providing clean water
  • The operations take place in the semi-arid areas, which is not suitable for agriculture, and this is where we make the most significant difference for local communities, thanks to our model of land restoration and agro-ecology
  • In the future, we will create even more jobs locally by supporting sustainable timber processing and furniture manufacturing, which keeps more of the value creation in the countries where BGF operates

We hope you like what we and BGF stand for and that you want to support us in creating a better world. It is something good that we can do together while creating long-term benefits that go far beyond just creating financial returns.

Contact and business details

To get in touch with us, we recommend that you email our customer service at support@betterglobe.com.

We have English speaking customer service representatives who can answer most questions. We are, unfortunately, not able to receive any queries by phone. Still, we can try to arrange a callback if you send us an email.

Better Globe AS
A socially responsible marketing company, based in Moss, Norway
Norwegian company registration number: 992593148
Phone: (+47) 4644-7606
Address: Postboks 410 | 1502 MOSS

Better Globe Forestry Ltd.
Our forestry agent, the company is active in Kenya and Uganda (2020)
Kenyan company registration number: C. 113360
Address: Tabere Crescent No. 4, Kileleshwa,
P O Box 823 – 00606

Thank you for your interest in our business.

Our Products

Individual trees

  • Estimated return €208.25
  • Counter desertification
  • CO2 offset 500 kilos
  • Create jobs

Donation Package

  • Estimated return €416.50
  • Donate trees and water
  • Boost the local economy
  • CO2 offset 2000 kilos
  • Support education
  • Empower women
Lucas Sköld
Stockholm, Sweden

The best thing about Better Globe is the difference I can make with my money. It feels good to know that my money goes towards children’s education, that it helps people to get out of poverty, and that it restores nature’s balance in places where it’s really needed. That I also can have Better Globe as a part of my savings strategy makes it a win, win, win which is totally unbeatable.


Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at support@betterglobe.com

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