One of the first places our customers and ambassadors visited in Uganda was the school at the Equator. The construction of the school began in 2009 and is today run by the charity organization (NGO) Child Africa, which has close cooperation with Better Globe. An exciting detail on the school forms is the curve-shaped yellow […]

After a long bus trip, it was time for a day off at Kilaguni Lodgde in Tsavo National Park. It is a fantastic hotel in the middle of the national park, right by a waterhole where the animals come to drink. Below are some of the pictures that our customers and ambassadors sent to us, […]

Visiting Kibwezi

Published: 2018-07-03|

In Masongaleni, just outside Kibwezi in eastern Kenya, Better Globe’s test farm is located. Better Globe’s forest master Jan Vandenabeele owns the farm, and we have an agreement in place to use the land for tests and training. The climate here is even drier than in Kiambere, which makes this place perfect for trying out […]

Last Friday, the customers visiting Kenya and Uganda met Samson Kimani, who is Assistant Managing Director for Kenya’s largest energy company KenGen. This company produces about 80% of Kenya’s electricity. Director Kimani is a very important person in the Kenyan business community and he has many important connections. Already in 2006, a collaboration was initiated […]

Yesterday, we visited Kaewa Secondary School, which is one of the schools that receives some of the trees that are donated when you and other customers buy donation packages. At the school, they have created a green environment, that provides shade during the hottest time of the day, which helps the students to concentrate. Large […]