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4-minute introduction to ethical and sustainabe work in Africa

Thanks to the trees and donation packages we sell to our customers, we can do much good in Africa. Our marketing company Better Globe AS (BG AS) in Norway is working close with the award-winning company Better Globe Forestry Ltd. (BGF) in Kenya and Uganda and this company plant and take care of the trees customers buy from us. Better Globe AS has a 20 year buy-back agreement with Better Globe Forestry Ltd. on all trees sold to customers.

Better Globe Forestry Ltd’s long-term goal is to reduce poverty and corruption in Africa. BGF plant trees in semi-arid areas in eastern Africa where nothing else grows. BGF create jobs, help farmers increase the returns on their land, and finance microloan banks, schools and water-related projects.

Better Globe Forestry Ltd. is a forestry company able to run their business thanks to the trees and donation packages customers buy from BG AS. Every customer who owns trees benefit from the profit. We need your help to address some of the world’s greatest challenges. Together we can make a real difference. See our 4-minute introduction video to find out how (video found to the right or below).

Better Globe
BGF is a Kenyan Social Entrepreneurship-driven forestry company that improves the environment

Since 2006, BGF has set up tree plantations and worked closely with farmers in the semi-desert in Kenya. By planting trees, they contribute to binding carbon dioxide, reduce the problems of erosion and, last but not least, prevente further desertification to the south of Sahara.

The trees that are planted are native to the area and are also the economic engine of their business – as with all forestry companies. BGFs unique advantage are twofold: that the trees are classified as hardwood fully comparable to mahogany trees and that they grow extremely fast in these dry areas. The trees guarantee the economic long-term perspective for BGF, the farmers and you as a customer of Better Globe AS.

Better Globe
Better Globe
BGF need your help to finance the operations

Unlike most other forestry companies, Better Globe Forestry Ltd. has chosen crowd-funding as a financing model for their operations, through Better Globe AS. Thanks to thousands of BG AS customers with monthly savings in trees, BGF can do good on site in Kenya and Uganda.

You as a customer can buy trees via donation packages or by buying single trees through Better Globe AS. You can make one-time purchases, but we recommend regular savings. It is best both for the work in Africa and for you. One tree costs 17 € and the donation package costs 53 €.

Better Globe
Better Globe
Your money creates jobs and finances microloans, schools and water

When you buy trees and donation packages from Better Globe AS, you also contribute to the financing of small microloan banks and schools in connection with the areas where BGF operates, and reduce the problematic lack of clean water.

Because BGF is a forestry company, they run neither schools nor microloan banks, but finance them through funds from the donation packages, so that locals can manage them together with other organizations. It is proven to be the best way to reduce poverty in the areas they operate.

Read more about the donation package.

Better Globe
Better Globe
BG AS pay back the trees from the harvest and felling of the trees, when they are fully grown, through BGF

Forests have always had a great economic value, and it is still a fact to this day. When the trees have reached their production age, BGF can harvest, among other things, timber, medical products, fruit and nuts. Management and sales of the harvest allows the pay back of the trees over time.

However, the big money in a forestry business comes from the felling of the trees. When the tree is cut down after 20 years, you will get the final pay back for it.

Read more about the yield from our trees →

Better Globe
Better Globe
We need your help

Nobody can do everything, but together we can have a lot of impact. We need your help to be able to plant several million trees and help people out of poverty. Even a monthly savings in one single tree for 17 € makes a big difference.

Please read more on our website and get in touch if you have any questions. Thank you for your time and attention.

To start saving monthly in trees (or to do a single purchase), click here!

Better Globe
Be a part of something bigger for just 17 €!
And contribute to other people while you are making money
Buy trees
+ 2 697 000
trees planted
+ €510 000
to water projects
+ €255 000
to education
+ €255 000
to microloans
+ 40 000
customers in 100+ countries
+ 15 000
partner farmers

Figures above are official as of December 2019, data provided by Better Globe Forestry.

  • Lennart Göthe
    Stockholm, Sweden

    I have bought trees from Better Globe since 2006. I have been down to the plantations and in 2008 I realised that it is “for real”. Since then I have bought thousands of trees for myself and my family. Today both me and my family receive a significant return each year.

  • Jessica Jäger
    Stockholm, Sweden

    I am often fascinated by how thoughtful Better Globe’s business model is and I am deeply moved by the founders strong incentive to eradicate poverty in Africa. To give help to self-help, so that families get out of poverty and stay together, creates change for individuals, entire families and the society in several generations.

  • Ulrika Emericks
    Gothenburg, Sweden

    What really grabbed my attention is Better Globe’s unique combination of helping people while making money in a sustainable way. I have always helped those who have not been so lucky, but here I can do it on a large scale and get returns at the same time. I bought my first donation package in 2008 and have had monthly savings since then.

  • Jan Bolmeson
    Malmö, Sweden

    To me Better Globe is an amazing way to save in an ethical, sustainable and long-term manner. The money I save shapes the future to a better place for both people and the environment.

  • Jonatan Westman
    Gothenburg, Sweden

    I visited the operations in Kenya and Uganda during a customer trip in the summer of 2017, and then I got to experience the huge difference makes on site, with the support from us customers. It is heartwarming to know that I contribute to providing these opportunities to some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.

  • Cécile Tartar Jönsson
    Åkarp, Sweden

    Thanks to Better Globe everyone is a winner. Children get to go to school, people get jobs, micro loans and an opportunity to get out of poverty, and I as an investor get a return on my money. Everybody profits! And the planet also feels good about the planted trees. I think that it is an amazing and sustainable business model, that I really want to recommend to everyone I know.

  • Sandra Aviani
    Gothenburg, Sweden

    I was looking for investments with a sustainable and ethical focus, as well as good returns, for a long time, and I found Better Globe a few years ago. When I learned more about Better Globe’s operations, how they think and how they operate their business, it set me on fire. I had finally found an investment opportunity that gave great returns and where many profit at the same time. An investment that really means something!

  • Alina Lundberg
    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Me and my family have bought trees since 2008. We think it’s amazing that our money can grow at the same time as we make a difference for so many people. I have been on site myself and seen the plantations and the schools with my own eyes, and today I can’t stop spreading the word to other people. 

  • Robin Granqvist
    Gothenburg, Sweden

    I started buying donation packages via Better Globe in 2016, because I liked the idea to get return on my money at the same time as I was helping people to lead better lives. I went to Kenya in 2017 and when I was there I got to see that it really works. 

  • Lucas Sköld
    Stockholm, Sweden

    The best thing about Better Globe is the difference I can make with my money. It feels good to know that my money goes towards children’s education, that it helps people to get out of poverty, and that it restores nature’s balance in places where it’s really needed. That I also can have Better Globe as a part of my savings strategy makes it a win, win, win which is totally unbeatable.

  • Johan Dahl
    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Before I heard about Better Globe, I had long been looking for a way to have a sustainable and positive impact on the people and the environment in Africa, while generating an ethical income for myself at the same time. I am so grateful that Better Globe gives me this opportunity and reading the reports about the difference that has already been made for the people and the environment really warms my heart, at the same time as the return on my investment generates a passive income that is of great value to my life.

  • Martin Pedersen
    Lund, Sweden

    To me, Better Globe is exactly the type of savings format that I have been trying to find for a long time. I can make my savings do good for both people and the environment, while I also get a really good return on the money over a long period of time. I see Better Globe as a great opportunity for me to retire earlier.

  • Audun Turoey
    Joao Pessoa, Brazil

    I became a customer of Better Globe in 2006. The idea of getting a financial return from trees that reduce extreme poverty in Africa while creating a greener future for us all was very appealing to me. And after travelling in 2011 to see their work with underprivileged farming communities in Kenya and children’s education in Uganda, I became convinced that Better Globe is one of the greenest and most socially responsible companies in the world. So for me, it is a privilege to continue to support this effort and follow the incredible results we create together. Getting involved with Better Globe is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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